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GOAL 1 - Jury

1.1. Improve the understanding of the court system on the part of prospective and selected jurors.
1.2. Improve the understanding of the court system on the part of prospective and selected jurors.
1.3. Improve jurors' access to the trial courts.
1.4. Improve the experience of prospective and selected jurors at the Court.

GOAL 2 - Juvenile Justice System

2.1. Improve juvenile justice system communication, collaboration, and coordination.
2.2. Increase efficiency and effectiveness of juvenile court proceedings.
2.3. Design and obtain adequate court facilities.

GOAL 3 - Education and Community Outreach

3.1. Disseminate information to the public.
3.2. Increase community awareness regarding the role and function of the Court.
3.3. Establish point of entry information areas for court visitors.
3.4. Improve schools' knowledge and understanding of the Court and its processes.
3.5. Promote increased public access and understanding of the court system and its processes.

GOAL 4 - Specialized Courts

4.1. Increase access to drug treatment courts and their services to residents of Alameda County and make drug court services more effective.
4.2. Increase the number and diversity of programs offered to court customers.
4.3. Increase the number of programs offered to offenders.
4.4. Improve the quality of court services for the people of Alameda County.
4.5. Organize juvenile and family related departments, offices and services to make the judicial system more responsive to the special needs of children and families.

GOAL 5 - Modernization

5.1. Improve justice administration by providing accurate and comprehensive court and case information to judicial officers, administrators, and court staff.
5.2. Provide county and outside agencies access to court information, subject to proper security constraints.
5.3. Provide easy and extended access to court information and services to the general public.
5.4. Begin the progression to a paperless court.
5.5. Improve public access to the Court.
5.6. Improve the Court's ability to deliver better service to the public through the continuous improvement of the court's existing systems programs, service levels, and the knowledge of its employees.
5.7. Secure funding to support court-wide programs of innovation and administration.
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