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How to prepare for your visit


What to bring to the Self-Help Center 

  • A blue or black ink pen 
  • All your paperwork or previous court orders 
  • A picture I.D. 
  • Bring proof of your income for the last two months if you are asking for support or a change to support orders, such as: pay stubs, disability or unemployment statements, proof of CalWorks, most recent tax return, or-any other proof. 



When you come to Court, please ask someone to care for your children as children are not allowed to come to court hearings, with very limited exceptions. 


Translation services: 

We have limited bilingual staff and resources. We have Language Line available to assist limited and non-English speaking court users. 


Hearing and Vision Assistance: 

If you are hearing or vision impaired and do not have another adult to assist you, please contact our office to arrange an appointment. Please call (510) 272-1393 during our telephone hours to make an appointment. 


For any questions about services, forms and workshops, please call (510) 272-1393, Monday­Thursday 2:00PM-4:00PM 


NOTICE RE EARLY CLOSURE OF SIGN-IN: Notwithstanding our posted hours of operation, please be aware that self-help services are provided on a first-come, first-served basis according to the sign-in sheet. Given volume and staffing limitations, and so that we can provide full service to everyone who signs in, sign'in may be closed earlier than the posted closure time. We will be unable to assist anyone who arrives after sign-in has been closed for the day. 



Self-Help Center and Family Law Facilitator's Office (the "Center")

The Staff at the Self-Help Center and Family Law Facilitator's Office is available to help all parties to the case, which means that we may also help the other party in your case. The Staff of the Center can help you in preparing your own forms and can give you general legal information. The Staff of the Center cannot go with you to court. 

The Staff of the Self-Help Center and Family Law Facilitator's Office ARE NOT YOUR LAWYERS, but are neutral persons who do not represent any party. There is no attorney-client relationship between you and the Staff of the Center. If you already have a lawyer, we cannot help you. 

Communications between you and the Staff of the Self-Help Center and Family Law Facilitator's Office are not confidential. You should consult with your own attorney if you want personalized advice or strategy, to have a confidential conversation, or to be represented by an attorney in court. The Staff of the Center is not responsible for the outcome of your case, 

You should consult with an attorney before attempting to represent yourself with the assistance of the Self-Help Center and Family Law Facilitator's Office. Some rights cannot be adequately protected without the assistance of an attorney. To find out how to hire an attorney, and/or obtain a low fee consultation with an attorney, call the Alameda County Bar Associations' Lawyer Referral Service at (510) 302-2222. 




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