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Media Information


Court proceedings may not be photographed, recorded, or broadcast except as provided in California Rule of Court, rule 1.150. 
  • Permission to Photograph or Film inside a Courtroom
  • Permission to Photograph or Film Hallways or Other Public Areas
  • Interviews and Comments
  • Case Information 


MC-500 - Request for Cameras in the Courtroom
MC-510 - Order on Media Request for Cameras in the Courtroom
CRC 1.150 - California Rules of Court: Photographing, Recording, and Broadcasting in Court
LR 1.7 - Superior Court of Alameda County Local Rule: Electronic Devices in Courthouses
Canon 3B(9) - California Code of Judicial Ethics 


Find Your Court Date - 5 days of General Civil, Criminal, Traffic, Family Law, and Probate calendars
DomainWeb - Civil case information and documents
Odyssey Portal - Criminal case information
Court Records - Information on how to obtain court records
Judicial Administration Records - Information regarding requests for administration records per California Rule of Court 10.500


Chad Finke
Court Executive Officer
Executive Office
PLEASE NOTE the Executive Office cannot help you with your court case, or provide you with legal advice. If that is the kind of information you are looking for, please see ....  Emails sent to this email address requesting case assistance will not be returned.



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