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Family Law Facilitator

  1. The Family Law Facilitator's Office
  2. How the Family Law Facilitator's Office can help you
  3. Things the Family Law Facilitator's Office cannot do
  4. Other things you should know
  1. The Family Law Facilitator's Office
    The Family Law Facilitator's Office helps people with family law matters who do not have lawyers. For hours, location, and workshop information, click here.  Para informacion sobre horas, locaciones, y talleres, oprima aqui. 

  2. How the Family Law Facilitator's Office can help you
    We can give you information about the law and instructions on the forms and procedures you need to use in your case. We can help you with:

    Child Support
    • How to get, change (raise or lower), or enforce child support orders, including child care costs and health insurance,
    • Information on California state "guideline" child support,
    • Issues with collection of past due child support,
    • Information on reinstating suspended driver's licenses (or other professional licenses) for unpaid child support.

    Spousal Support
    If you are seeking spousal support in addition to child support, we can speak with you about:
    • How to get, change, or enforce spousal support,
    • Calculations for California state "guideline" temporary spousal support,
    • Factors for determining permanent spousal support.

    Custody and/or visitation
    • How to get, change, or enforce custody or visitation orders,
    • Establishing parentage when the parents are not married,
    • Provide information on writing agreements regarding custody, visitation, and child support.

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  3. Things the Family Law Facilitator's Office cannot do:
    • We do not handle family law property issues.
    • We cannot give you legal advice.
    • We cannot represent you in Court.
    • We can refer you to appropriate legal resources and to legal aid or the Lawyer Referral service at the Alameda County Bar Association if you need an attorney.  You can also locate an attorney online or in the telephone book.

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  4. Other things you should know...
    • Children:
      Please do not bring children to the Self-Help/Family Law Centers. When you come to Court, please ask someone to care for your children as children are not allowed to come to court hearings, with very limited exceptions. Depending on your court location, Children's Waiting Rooms may be available.  For more information, please click here.

    • For your workshop appointment:
      • Bring a blue or black pen, and
      • All your paperwork or previous court orders.

    • Translation services:
      If you do not speak English well, it is best to bring another adult who can translate for you when you come to the Center. We have limited bilingual staff and resources.  We have Language Line available to assist limited and non-English speaking court users. 

    • Hearing and Vision Assistance: If you are hearing or vision impaired and do not have another adult to assist you, please contact our office to arrange an appointment.  Please call (510) 272-1393 during our telephone hours to make an appointment.

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